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Soodne rehvivahetus ja rehvide müük.Kaubavedu Eestist - Rootsi ja TaaniKaubavedu Rootsist, Taanist - EestisseSÕIDU- JA VEOAUTODE PESU

Soodne rehvivahetus ja rehvide müük.

Avatud: E-R 8.00-17.00 Info : +372 555 66 459

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Kaubavedu Eestist - Rootsi ja Taani

ADR veod ; Termoveod. Info :+372 5211482

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Kaubavedu Rootsist, Taanist - Eestisse

ADR veod ; Termoveod. Info: +3725127009

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Sõiduautode pesu : E-P 07.00-21.00 23.-26.12.2020 09.00-19.00 31.12.2020 09.00-19.00 01.01.2021 09.00-19.00 Veoautode pesu : E-R 08.00.-17.00 Info : +37255655444

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Other Services


Domestic Transport in Estonia
In Estonia, we offer the services of shovel loaders, semi-trailer dumper trucks, tent and refrigerator semi-trailers and trucks with tail lifts as well as digging and cargo services.
Digging, dumper trucks, box vans and semi-trailers, car trucking.

Warehouse Services
In 2003, our warehouse capable of holding up to 400 EUR pallets was completed. As our warehouse is heated, we can store freight that is sensitive to cold temperatures as well as regular cargo.

Heavy Equipment and Dumper Trucks
Domestically, we offer the digging services of our shovel loaders and transport services of our semi-trailer dumper trucks.
Digging, dumper trucks

Spare Parts Shop
In our spare parts shop, you can buy and order spare parts for practically all car makes. Our shop is a part of Fixus store chain.

Car Paint and Straightening Work
We paint cars and straighten car frames and bodies. We started painting cars in 1994. We can also handle and record all insurance losses – handle traffic damages and motor hull insurance losses.

Car Maintenance and Bodywork
Car maintenance – auto body repairs and tyre repair services.
Van and truck repairs. Changing and repairing tyres.

Replace Car Windows
Replacing car and truck windows.

Car Wash
Car wash services for cars and trucks
Washing cars. Washing trucks.