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Soodne rehvivahetus ja rehvide müük.Kaubavedu Eestist - Rootsi ja TaaniKaubavedu Rootsist, Taanist - EestisseSÕIDU- JA VEOAUTODE PESU

Soodne rehvivahetus ja rehvide müük.

Avatud: E-R 8.00-17.00 Info : +3725020333 Kaito Kuusing

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Kaubavedu Eestist - Rootsi ja Taani

ADR veod ; Termoveod. Info :+372 5211482

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Kaubavedu Rootsist, Taanist - Eestisse

ADR veod ; Termoveod. Info: +3725127009

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Sõiduautode pesu : E-P 07.00-21.00 23.-26.12.2020 09.00-19.00 31.12.2020 09.00-19.00 01.01.2021 09.00-19.00 Veoautode pesu : E-R 08.00.-17.00 Info : +37255655444

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International Transport


International Transport in Refrigerator and Tent Semi-trailers

International shipments since 1993. We transport freight in tent and controlled temperature semi-trailers between Estonia and Sweden-Denmark . All drivers have received ADR training and the trucks are equipped according to the requirements of the ADR regulations.

Shipments between Sweden – Estonia
Shipments between Estonia – Sweden, Denmark
Shipments between Estonia – Russia – Estonia

NB! Controlled temperature freight is also considered an ADR cargo.

Contact person: Ain Täpsi
e-mail:   Mobile: +372 509 4888  Phone: +372 489 4300  Fax +372 489 2146

ISO9001,ISO14001 with UKAS


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