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Eesti sisetranportKaubavedu Eestist - Rootsi ja TaaniKaubavedu Rootsist, Taanist - EestisseSÕIDU- JA VEOAUTODE PESU

Eesti sisetranport

Avatud: E-R 8.00-17.00 Info : +372 55 655429

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Kaubavedu Eestist - Rootsi ja Taani

ADR veod ; Termoveod. Info :+372 52 11 482

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Kaubavedu Rootsist, Taanist - Eestisse

ADR veod ; Termoveod. Info: +372 55 565 400

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Sõiduautode pesu : E-P 07.00-21.00 Veoautode pesu : E-R 08.00.-17.00 Info : +372 55 655 444

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About Us


Who are we?

AS RMW was founded in 1993 based on Estonian private capital. Our wealth of experience means that we are a reliable partner. Our personnel consists of the best in this field. Today, we are honoured to be among the best transporters in Estonia. If a customer has ordered a shipment and we have accepted the order, then the following principle applies:


When transporting goods to Sweden and Denmark  we use shipping companies for maritime transport with whom we have established a good working relationship over the years. Good relationships with the maritime companies, new lorries used for transporting cargo, trained drivers and professionals who manage the shipments – all this ensures our customers:


As of 2018 we employ 55 fine individuals. We provide our services with a fleet of 30 lorries and trailers. In 2018, our turnover was 4,76milion euros.

ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015

From 18 August to 16 December 2011, AS RMW implemented and certified a management system which complies with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards in collaboration with BrainTeam OÜ and co-financed by the European Union. Lloyd’s Register issued a certificate No LTQ6013619 to AS RMW to that effect.

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